Auspark Education Network Pvt. Ltd is an educational organization established with an aspiration to provide quality educational services. We have envisioned the motto of “Amend your Career” and so are marching proudly on the way to serve many students to help them for their better education and career. We are member of ECAN (Educational Consultancies Association of Nepal) and are fully committed to abiding by its Codes of Conduct which ensure that we provide genuine information to the students and work in the ethical behavior. In today’s fast changing world and life, innovative and progressive ideas are kicking the market. Technology, business trends, legal trends, everything is changing everyday and to be updated and fit for those changes and strategies, one must have world class education and be an expert in the respective field. And that is why studying abroad is preferred and playing important role to shape anyone’s career. The recognition, reputation and assurance of better opportunities instill desire to pursue foreign degree to help students see their future shining. Auspark Education Network Pvt. Ltd. is building bridge between students and world class Universities/Colleges/ Institutions.