:Denmark is one of the Europe’s best student countries, be it for national or international. It has the third best national system of higher education among 50 countries worldwide according to Universitas 21 Ranking in 2015.

Excellent educational system

The Danish educational system is designed to promote creativity, innovation, analytical and critical thinking. Danish qualifications are recognized throughout the world and provide an excellent foundation for one’s future career. Importantly, Denmark offers scholarships and grants to the deserving non-European students. As a student in Denmark, you will be met by an up-to-date learning environment where you can learn from industry experts and undertake internships in internationally recognized organizations. Furthermore, it is ensured that study and research in Denmark reflect the latest knowledge and meet the needs of a global labor market.

A first-mover in IT

An excellent digital infrastructure and high IT penetration make Denmark an ideal test country for new information technologies. Software companies in Denmark enjoy great success and today the nation is an important European hub for companies such as Microsoft, IBM, HP and Google.

Health and Safety

In the area of safety, Denmark is listed as one of the world’s safest countries. Here, the crime rates are comparatively low. Similarly, the country is a provider of standardized health system. One can easily get access to complete public healthcare system.

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